About Me

Welcome to Retire40.com, a blog about me and my retirement life. As the name of the blog suggests, I retired right before I turned 40. This is one of the blogs dedicated to document the steps we early retirees took to reach financial independence. I hope my blog will provide some additional information to those already on the web, such as the MR Money Mustache blog, the RootofGood blog, or the Retire By 40 blog.

I was born and raised in China, and migrated to Sydney, Australia in my 3rd year in University. I studied molecular biology and earned a PhD in University of Sydney. However, I’m always money conscious and deeply interested in anything financial. I remember when I was still a toddler I would save every penny I received and then bank them in my savings account, while the tellers would smile helplessly and spend quite a bit of time counting all the coins. However, coming to a capitalist country opened up the whole financial world to me. After learning all the financial rules and tactics freely available on the internet, I became ambitious and told my dad: “I WILL RETIRE WHEN I’M FOURTY!”.  My dad would laugh at me in disbelief, and he seemed right at one stage as retirement seemed so remote that I see no light in my financial future.

Things changed when the great recession came, when I have already found a job and worked in the United States for 3 years. In Chinese, the word crisis (危机) means two things: danger (危) and opportunity (机)! Within grave danger lies great opportunity. I took the opportunity to dive into real estate and also added on to my stock portfolio, and by now (2015) I was able to increase my net worth more than 10 folds, and was able to finally retire at the end of 2013, just before I turned 40.

The reason I opened this blog is several folds, and the following explanations are in increasing order of importance to me. Firstly, I like to BSO (Bloody Show Off, that is, just in case you don’t know what it’s abbreviated for). I know there’s not much to brag about as many people have done it already and I’m by no means rich. But I’ve been there, done that and enjoying it, so I want to let others know about it. Secondly, I gained most of my financial knowledge on the internet for free, so I would also like to provide some free information on my experience in achieving financial freedom. Thirdly, I’m also hoping to earn some extra income and have something to do in my retirement so life does not get too bored. Although blogging income is not necessary for my retirement, more income never hurts, right? Therefore, if you find my blog helpful, please reward me by purchasing any product you like in the ads placed in my blog at no extra cost to you. However, I don’t have control over what is advertised on most of the banner ads placed on my blog, so the mere appearance of those ads on my blog does not mean I endorse them. Lastly, this blog also serve as a reminder of what I did right or wrong, and to remind me of all the rules I set for myself when another investment opportunity comes up. It’s very difficult to remember all of them without some documentation. Most importantly, it may serve as the financial education material for my dearest two sons when they grow up.

I’m now a proud husband of a beautiful wife and a proud daddy of two lovely sons, so even I’m retired I don’t have a lot of time to spare for blogging. Therefore, please pardon me if I don’t update the blog or return comments regularly. After all, I’m lazy in my bones, or else I wouldn’t have retired.