Blog Hosting

To ┬áretire early you would need an income stream, it can either be investment income such as dividends and rents, or it can be other passive income such as advertising income from your own blog. As not every blog makes money, you should keep your initial cost as low as possible. If you want your own domain name, there’re many registration service on the web that offer domain name registration for less than $1/month, such as┬á As for blog hosting, if you want full functions with cpanel control, the cheapest I found is, whose offer starts from $1.99/month, enter “freedomain” as the coupon code and they will also throw in first year domain registration for free.

If you still want cheaper blog hosting service, I can help you get a basic service for $1/month. You will get free WordPress setup, full FTP control of your site, all emails @yourdomain forwarded to your designated email address, and domain hosting either with your own domain name or as a free subdomain in the style