How to enable margin for IRA and 401k accounts

The power of DCA on marginebook

If you haven’t read my posts about how you can benefit from the best of both worlds¬†by dollar cost averaging on margin, then read them first. Otherwise, you will know by now that even if you invested the bulk of your money at the peak of the housing bubble, you could earn at least $453k on a $1 million initial portfolio by the time the market returns to the previous high, just by dollar cost averaging with other people’s money. But in reality this money will not be yours because you cannot normally use margin on an IRA or 401k account! But what if I tell you there is a way? This ebook, titled “How to enable margin for IRA and 401k accounts”, is just about that.


But before we go any further, disclaimers first. I’m not an accountant, nor a financial adviser, much less an attorney. The information included in the EBook is the result of at least 10 years of my research into the problem, and to the best of my knowledge, everything I write in the book is legal and executable. As a proof, Mitt Romney was using similar arrangements to amass an IRA portfolio of at least $102 million, and got away with it, so it must be legal. Despite this, always verify the information with your CPA or attorney first. Your money WILL BE FULLY REFUNDED, plus an extra 5% actually, if you prove me wrong. YES, that’s $2100 refunded if you prove me wrong.

Yet another disclaimer, all the information in the book pertains to the United States only, other countries may have different laws which I will have no willingness to know. Furthermore, the saving mentioned above is based on a $1 million initial portfolio, and you will need at least $300,000 to profit from the technique safely. Therefore, if your portfolio is less than that, don’t waste your money.

Are you kidding me? $2000 for an EBook?

No I’m not! Actually I think it’s too cheap, I’ll increase the price to $5000 after the first 100 books are sold. Here’s why:

  1. If you already know how to do it, this EBook may be¬†worthless to you. If not, you would be using your own money to invest in your retirement accounts. By doing so, you are missing the chance to earn at least $80,000 more each year on a $1 million portfolio, which is the minimum I deem to be able to retire comfortably. Compare a once off $2000 to annual income of at least $80,000, and you know what’s cheap. Even on a $300k portfolio, which is the minimum necessary to apply the DCA on margin technique safely, you are missing the opportunity to earn at least $20,000 more.
  2. Even if you know the trick, you may not know the cheapest way to do it. To get the best benefits, a few companies have to be set up. If you don’t know how to do it, many corporate formation companies will charge tens of thousands of dollars to form them, and a few thousand dollars to maintain them. I’ll tell you how you can achieve both purposes for only a few hundred bucks. Therefore the book will still be worth it.
  3. It took me over 10 years to find the best solution, without this guide, you may take even longer to find out, then you are missing the opportunity to earn at least $1 million more on a $1 million initial portfolio (don’t forget compounding!). I wish I know this much earlier, but then again, I can’t complain. I’ve increased my fortune 10 folds during the Great Recession on real estates. That’s a much higher return of capital and I wouldn’t have extra cash back then to apply this technique any way.
  4. I don’t want to sell too many copies! That’s right, I don’t really need the money. It’s currently legal and I’m profiting from it, but if too many people are practicing it, congress may change the law any time. If that’s the case, I probably will lose more than I gain. Therefore, I have to set the price high.

Do you accept Paypal?

Well, I might, if you agree to pay 3% more, which is $60. If that’s the case, I’ve included a Paypal button below. Otherwise, I would like you to use online bill payment from your bank, or mail me a check. If you are interested in buying, email me or call me at 301-326-9409 to discuss, I will then give you my name and address information in order for you to pay.